Special license to pull a trailer? My wife and I have heard that you need a special license to pull a trailer in Saskatchewan. Is this true? White Knuckles In Wynyard

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Dear White Knuckles In Wynyard – In loose terms, Saskatchewan rules are as follows:

If your trailer has a dry weight exceeding 10,000 pounds you need a 1G (unless your towing unit has farm plates which makes you exempt) endorsement on your drivers license. Now the key here is DRY weight. If the trailer has a GVW rating of say, 11,000 pounds and a dry weight of around 9,000 you would not be required to obtain a 1G.

So remember, dry weight is the determining factor rather than the trailers GVW rating. The GVW represents what the highest weight is that your trailer can legally weigh on the road. This is determined by the lowest, rated component in the trailer’s running gear (usually the axles). In this example, a typical trailer with an 11,000 rating would have two 5,500 pound axles under it and the tires, shocks, brakes etc. would all be capable of handling at least that.